Power Grid engineering

PROFI EMG s.r.o.

PROFI-EMG s.r.o. holds an important position on the market of services for the electricity industry in the Czech Republic. Its core business includes design, installation and maintenance of facilities in the transmission and distribution systems, substations, overhead and cable lines (without any voltage limitations). It is also a reliable partner for the erection of installations that export output from electricity generating plants and of electrical installations in industrial operations. Its strengths include its employees’ superior skills and long-standing experience in the industry.


VČE – montáže, a.s.

VČE – montáže is one of the leading electrical installation companies in the Czech Republic. It is a designer and main supplier of electrical facilities (low, high and extra high voltage), network telecommunications facilities and expert servicing for the energy sector.


MSEM, a.s.

MSEM is a dynamic electrical installation company with a long tradition. It ranks among the largest and most important suppliers In its field in the Czech Republic. MSEM’s core business includes the construction, refurbishment, repair and maintenance of electricity distribution installations.


SEG s.r.o.

SEG provides installation work in the field of electrical facilities, manufactures pylons and structures for the power industry, and designs electrical installations. SEG offers turnkey delivery and installation in the areas of its business such as design and construction of energy facilities, manufacture of pylons and steel structures, and complete services for transformers.



MONTPROJEKT designs low, high and extra high voltage transmission and distribution installations and facilities (overhead lines, cable lines, street lighting, distribution transformer stations). In 2011, the company accepted designers from VČE – montáže, a.s. and SEG s.r.o. The company’s business follows up on a continuous tradition of the above companies’ track record in designing services.


EGEM s.r.o.

EGEM s.r.o. is a leading engineering and supplier company on the Czech and Slovak markets. Its core business includes the design, construction, refurbishment, repair, maintenance and servicing of electricity distribution installations, including transmission lines and electrical parts of electricity generating plants, primarily at voltage levels of 22 kV, 110 kV and 400 kV. It is also a major supplier of cabling and low-voltage distribution systems. It provides its customers with all-round services ranging from the design of solutions to their implementation through to the services related to operation, servicing and maintenance.


ELQA, s.r.o.

ELQA, s.r.o. is engaged in repair and maintenance of low and high voltage networks, ground and overhead low and high voltage connections, transformer stations, including designing and engineering work, and construction of street lighting networks for municipalities and private investors.