Press releases

19. 11. 2018

EP Industries expects to change shareholder structure

EP Industries (EPI), a holding company which associates companies active in energy engineering, waste management, transport infrastructure and the automotive industry, confirms already published media information on the forthcoming change in its shareholding structure. Present and future EPI owners have entered into a series of transactions that will result in the company’s shareholding structure as follows: EPI Holding […]

15. 1. 2016

AVE CZ removes sludge from oil lagoons in Ostrava

The company AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o., won the tender for the removal of sludge from oil lagoons Ostramo in Ostrava. The state owned company Diamo has entered into an agreement and within three years has to extract from the polluted lagoons over 91,000 tons of sludge. After the actual excavation of the sludge from the lagoons […]

27. 9. 2015

SES ENERGY – Assembly work in Netherlands

SES ENERGY, a.s. signed a contract with I&E Services s.r.o. to carry out assembly work connected with shutdown of boilers for combustion of municipal waste at Attero BV Moerdijk in Netherlands. Repair of equipment will be carried out from 7.9.2015 to 2.10.2015.

25. 9. 2015

SES ENERGY – Tp.Žilina Denox of K2 and K5 boilers

At the turn of August and September 2015, SES ENERGY, a.s. employers under the conduct of Ing. Milan Šebo finished mechanical assembly of the project Tp.Žilina Denox of K2 and K5 boilers. At present there is carried out work required based on the List of defects and backlogs so that the contract partner SES a.s. […]

24. 9. 2015

SES ENERGY – General overhaul of K2 at SÚ Vřesová

In august 2015 SES ENERGY, a.s. finished successfully the general overhaul of K2 boiler at the heating and power plant of Sokolovská uhelná, a.s. under the conduct of Mr. Jozef Stolárik. There was also signed a contract of manufacture and replacement of K3 boiler recirculation piping, thus proving further activity of SES ENERGY, a.s. at this […]

10. 6. 2015

ELEKTRIZACE ŽELEZNIC PRAHA started the electrification of the line Šumperk – Kouty nad Desnou

The aim is electrification of the line no. 293 Šumperk – Kouty nad Desnou to a direct current 3 kV with a total length of 19,300 meters. Supply newly established electric traction is projected from the current traction substations SŽDC Šumperk and a new traction substations near Loučná nad Desnou, part Filipova. The construction will be carried out a reconstruction of […]

3. 3. 2015

SOR has completed the second phase of the project under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations

SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o. has completed a series of investments financed with support from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation (OPEI) in 2014. The aim of the multi-year project entitled “System innovation coachwork construction of vehicles for public transport of passengers and innovation process of their production” was to create conditions for the introduction of serial […]

24. 2. 2015

AVE CZ will continue to provide waste removal for Prague

From 1 February 2015, the company AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o. continues to provide waste removal for seven districts of Prague. On the basis of a contract for services between Prague and the company AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o. – the company will be from 1 February 2015 to ensure the collection of municipal waste in the […]

11. 1. 2013

SOR awarded in the ČEEP competition

On 20 December 2012, SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o. received recognition in the tenth “Czech Energy and Environmental Structure, Project and Innovation 2011” [ČEEP] competition.

1. 9. 2012

SERW launches an OPPI project

SERW, spol. s r.o. is running an infrastructure project, “Innovation of SERW’s Manufacturing Process”, which is co-financed by the European Union under Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation and the Innovation – Innovation Projects programme. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic is the provider of the subsidy.

1. 6. 2012

První brněnská strojírna awarded for stability

In the 18th annual edition of the CZECH TOP 100 charts, První brněnská strojírna, a.s. received the highest award, “AAA (Excellent)” in the ČEKIA Stability Award category, which looks at companies’ stability. It has therefore been ranked among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.